Workplace learning: a Cedefop video discusses the issues involved

Encouraging a culture of in-company learning for all isn’t just good for individual workers or companies – it can raise the skills and knowledge of the entire workforce. A recent Cedefop video presents some of the issues at stake.

Več informacij: Cedefop, 18. 4. 2011

Outcome-based curricula are found to benefit learners

The adoption of learning outcomes approaches in education and training is affecting the way in which curricula are designed and delivered. As Cedefop’s recent Briefing Note explains, outcomes-based curricula seem to increase learner motivation, forge stronger links between theoretical and practical learning, raise participation rates and improve learners’ prospects on the labour market. But to ensure success, these curricula need to be carefully designed, delivered and assessed – a process which requires the involvement of key stakeholders and well-trained teachers.

Več informacij: Cedefop, 2. 5. 2011

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