Unescov mednarodni inštitut za načrtovanje izobraževanja (IIEP) je izdal glasilo z naslovom “In search of quality: what the data tell us“.


In search of quality: what the data tell us 1
Editorial:Moving towards quality education for all 3
Mixed results in achievement 4
The challenge of grade repetition 5
The gender gap in learning – back to square one 6
The gender gap in school management positions 7
Where have all the textbooks gone? 8
Paid tuition, a potential challenge to EFA 9
How effective are HIV and AIDS prevention education programmes? 10
Data visualization 12
IIEP Summer School 13
Challenges of fi nancing basic education – IIEP Policy Forum 2010 13
Training for capacity development: the successful expansion 14
Upcoming activities 15
Guidebook for planning education in emergencies and reconstruction 15
IIEP Publications 16

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