Na spletni strani OECD je objavljena publikacija Education Policy Outlook:

The Education Policy Outlook provides forward-thinking comparative analysis of educational policies and reforms.

For policy makers, practitioners and analysts, it reviews different education policies and practices that have been initiated across OECD member countries. This with the clear objective to share best practices and inspired solutions for collective educational challenges, such as: raising student outcomes, supporting school improvement, and organising education systems so as to deliver education policy more effectively.

The Education Policy Outlook brings together analysis of individual countries’ educational contexts, challenges, policies and comparative insight in the areas of trends, policies and reforms.

It builds upon OECD’s extensive knowledge and expertise, including PISA, EAG, PIAAC, TALIS and policy reviews. It will deliver:


  • A general report published every 2 years from 2014 onwards.
  • Country specific education policy profiles, published online with four new countries added every six months.


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